Friday, April 10, 2020


The Lenten season has officially ended on the liturgical calendar. For the vast majority of us we will continue to live a Lenten reality.  There will still be continuous prayer fasting, and works of sacrificial love.  These three suggested Lenten practices have been taken to a new level in this year of Our Lord, 2020.  There is a new level of fasting and sacrificial love.  We are now recognizing with deeper reverence the work and sacrifices of a countless number of our fellow human beings.  The sacrificial demand by healthcare workers asked to fast from an intimacy so necessary for a healthy relationship.  The sacrifice of those working in the food industry.  Each one chooses to risk their lives so that others may be fed.  Today I saw a great photo on the internet.  In a hospital, a group of the nurses gather as a group to show deep appreciation for the cleaning crew.  A new day? How many of those who were denied a 15 dollar an hour wage are now being reverenced by so many as essential to our survival.  I do not want to get started on the rotten politics.  (It is getting late and I must get some sleep.)  For all the above mentioned and billions of unnamed the Lenten reality will continue.

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday we were reminded of the commandment "to love one another as I have loved you."  The Word's, love was a sacrificial love.  A sacrificial love reflected in His mission and ministry of mercy and compassion. On this day He gave Himself to be our eternal life giving food.  In the washing of the feet of the apostles He gave us an insight into servant leadership.  The washing of the feet was the job of the lowest slave in that master's house.  Jesus, The Christ stooped down to that level and raising to the level of sacrament.  I hope your celebration of Holy Thursday was the agent of a deepening reverence for all who in any way, by their sacrifice, nourish and take care of us.

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