Friday, May 1, 2020

The Emmaus encounter and beyond!!!

We continue to slog through this challenging spiritual adventure we call living in 2020 and before.  This year, the desert experience, Lent, The Easter-Paschal-Ascension and waiting for decent of The Holy Spirit-Pentecost is being lived out in our lives in living color.  The brutal reality of The Passion of The Historical Jesus is now being lived out in such a way that we are forced as never before to journey into and live through, what? The central mystery of our Christian Faith or in other words journeying through the process of becoming more authentic human beings.  They are  one and the same reality.  A reality which must be treated with reverence, awe, wonder, and a deep respect for these  sacramental  moments.  They are called sacramental because within all the realities of 2020 we are forced to see beyond what we see.  In all the events of this sacred and ever so holy year we are being led into an ever deepening encounter with The Suffering God Who has been, is now, and shall be "perfectly hidden and perfectly revealed" in the evolutionary journey of creation.  Realities way worse than what we are forced to encounter right now can be found in the history of human existence.  Before humans entered the creative evolutionary process The Holy Spirit was guiding all of creation with creative caring mercy-full love.  Seismic changes are necessary for a healthy universe.  In seismic changes creation is not falling or failing in any way, it is being brought into alignment. To quote G.K.Chesterton  "the world is being changed upside right."  That change has been always part and parcel of humankind's  creation's and evolution." As it was, so it is, and ever shall be world without end."  We need to respond, from our deepest darkened depths a heartfelt faith-filled, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN.

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