Saturday, May 23, 2020

Motherhood, Part 3

The road to psychological and spiritual health is a long process.  Unfortunately there are many who never get into recovery, and so the dysfunction is passed on to generations to come.  It is essential to take the challenging necessary steps  to claim our essential goodness and lovableness.  We need to be loved for who we really are, in all our human messiness,  and not for what we do or what we have achieved.  That recovery, like all recovery, is not easy.  Toxic shame will fight us each and every step of the way.  Toxic shame which wants to communicate that we are not okay., somehow not "good enough," has to be faced.  We are all more than we do, or have or achieve.  We therefore need the unconditioned love, undeserved, unlimited "first love" to become a reality.  In this way, while we are still pilgrims, having no lasting home, we are somehow secure in the knowledge that our God is always nourishing, ever creative, ever comforting, and always ever mercy-full.  Why?  Because we have experienced all within the lives who reveal the Mystery within mothers and motherhood.  Mothers, you are the living sacrament of our living God.  Be healthy so, we your children can have a healthy understanding of, and a healthy relationship with The Source, The Origin, Love Itself.  We will then find ourselves living the aisling, the unique dream  our Mother/ Father/Creator/ God has for each one of us.  Where there is a void an emptiness resulting from the absence of a healthy mother presence, we need to own that reality.  Into that void we must welcome God, Higher Power to fill up the that which is missing.  We first admit we are sad, angry, and then say these words  "God fill up this emptiness with Your love" again and again until you find yourself  at peace.  This is road tested, and has become the daily practice of so many people.  All we have to do is just repeat those words.  We do not have to mean them, just say them.  God, Higher Power always responds to our healthy desires as that is The Holy Spirit working from the depths.

As I get older, and journey deeper into powerlessness, spiritual bromides  are an essential component of my spiritual nourishment.( I believe Lord, help my unbelief/disbelief,"  "I can"t we must,"  "Out of the depths I cry unto You O lord, Lord hear my cry for..mercy-full love..compassion..forgiveness,..strength…")  In that deepest place The Blessed Trinity is having a party.  A party to which all have been invited to attend.  It takes continuous hard work to get there but the celebration is AWE-Full.

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