Friday, November 8, 2019

Write like you're dying!!! Part 3

Years ago I read this ever so challenging quote, ”write like you are dying.”  I have kept this before me over the years as I journeyed with fellow travelers, preached, and wrote.  We must tell the truth, when it is ”convenient and inconvenient.” The real healthy truth really hurts.  Denial of the reality can last for so long.  If we are going to have a life worth living it is essential we face the reality that the truth challenges us to change.  Many, many times I would have much preferred to continue to live the lie, rather than face my real healthy truth.  Change is pain-full, but the result is “a new freedom and a new happiness.”  Today there is this common belief, that if we all believe the same lie then it must be the truth. Think about how scary that is for ourselves, and for all the generations to follow.  A lie is a lie.

Life is terminal.  Not one of us is going to get out of this life alive.  We have to face our terminal finiteness.   We have to embrace each moment as if it were our last moment. So then, what is the life giving truth(s) I want to convey by my present, every day actions?  What is The Gospel truth, theme, I wish to model in the gospel I am writing today by my moment to moment actions?  What are some the difficult and essential truths about the spiritual journey that must be faced and embraced by each one of us “spiritual beings immersed in the human condition?”  ( To be continued).

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