Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Write like you're dying!!! part 2

I see now, ever more clearly that as St. Paul says a priest is  "a man taken from among men” to be in the service of The Holy Alone.  A man who has failed and does fall and over and over, up to this present moment.  I take great comfort in the words of Carl Stuhmiller  “It is ONLY through our weakness and our brokenness CAN we have an audience with a God of mercy and compassion.”  Surrendering unconditionally to that awe-full Love has been a long pain-full process. WE  Irish do not surrender without an fierce struggle.  It is such a blessing and a curse to be Irish.

Dad has long passed to play on the lush fairways in the skies, all the while I am still making my way down the or have I arrived at the green and am putting out.  I hope that is a putt that I get a number of Mulligans.  What is left for me now is to use whatever time I am given to keep on doing what I am doing and do it more honestly.  This challenge that has to be met and responded to, day by day and ,moment to every now moment. ( "Day By Day" was a go to hymn at one time).  Years ago I read this ever so challenging quote, ”write like you are dying.”   What are the difficult and essential truths about the spiritual journey that must be faced by each one of us as “spiritual beings immersed in the human condition?” ( To be continued).

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