Sunday, November 24, 2019

Only what we give away we keep

Our Gracious Lover through The Guiding Spirit will make sure we are provided with what we need NOT what we want. This strength comes BEFORE we need it not just when we need it. "God fits the back for the burden" is an Irish saying with which I was raised.  There is great reassurance in the fact that all I need is NOW placed deep within my being.  The spiritual journey is all about the journey into the depths to connect with the mother lode of sustaining strength already placed there.  Once it has been discovered, "this Pearl of great price" is not to be hoarded, stored away.  It is to be given, shared with the fellow travelers.  There is that spiritual principle we must constantly be aware of:  "What we keep for ourselves we lose.  What we give away we keep" (Another paradox). The only way to keep a well fresh is to draw water from it. The more we give away the more we discover all in which we have been gifted.  We then are gradually lead to the ever deepening awareness that there is then an endless reservoir of giftedness in which we have been entrusted.  Your reservoir of gifts are not generic gifts.  You have been uniquely chosen and gifted for the unique contribution you are to make as a co-creator.  That is why we have to sometimes fight to be who we really are.  Because it is only when we are true to our real selves are we reveling the truth, God, within.  What strength you need to fulfill your unique vocation IS present this moment within your authentic true self.  So then: To thine own self be true:  We can be really, really surprised and shocked, in a good way, by what bubbles up from our depths.  Yes our God is a God of surprises.  What surprises have you encountered in your moment to moment daily living?

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