Thursday, November 21, 2019

A paradoxical journey into... Part 2

Our Gracious Lover through The Guiding Spirit will make sure we are provided with what we need NOT what we want. This strength comes BEFORE we need it not when we need it. "God fits the back for the burden" is an Irish saying with which I was raised.  WE are surprised with the events and challenges of life, God is not.  "The lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall need" in this perfectly imperfect world. The courageous prayers, "God make Your will my will, make my will Your will."  "Your will not mine be done." Warning!!!  God responds to our deepest desires.  What may seem impossible to us is where our Higher Gracious Power works the miracle of transformative and transfigurative love." With God all things are possible."  The possibilities of the spiritual journey are infinite and way beyond what our minds can fathom and comprehend.  We have to pray for patient acceptance and an ever deepening understanding of the process we are all caught up in.  This is why we have been chosen to live right now. This choice was made in eternity.  We live this chosenness in time, all the while knowing the eternal is our home.  St. Augustine, "You have made us for Yourself O Lord and we will never rest until we rest in Thee." The explanation of our ongoing restlessness and discontent.

Like all of us, our world IS being perfected, and has been in this process for billions of years. We sadly neglect to acknowledge this fact The Guiding Spirit of Creative Love has been operative in creation from the beginning of time. We sadly neglect to acknowledge, particularly right now, that The Spirit was and will ever be a guiding presence in the evolutionary process.  A process we are to discover that is happening in us right now as it has been a reality in all creation. We are participating in a continuum. Our challenge is not to understand the finite, but to come to encounter with the Infinite in the finiteness. What we see in creation mirrors what has been happening for eons and is happening right now to human kind. Over these billions of years there has been, and is right now is that constant process of birth-death-rebirth.  Somehow through this process we are constantly being brought to a new and a more fuller understanding of ourselves "as spiritual beings immersed in the human condition." (Chardin).

Belief in that presence of The Guiding Spirit provided us with the courage to face birth-death-rebirth process that is part and parcel of our daily reality living. The Guiding Spirit has been secretly working to make certain that everything work into a wholeness.  God makes all things work together for good. As it is for creation so it is for you and I. As it is with you and I so it it with God’s creation. For our own faith-groundedness we have to recognize and come to accept the many, many experiences of birth-death-rebirth which have molded us into who we are today. As we are today, right now ,so we will be for the eons to come.  It cannot be otherwise.

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