Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Why do we have to fight??? Part 5

Thank God we are blessed with the presence of a few transformed and transfigured fellow travelers. They have evolved to the point of being blessed with the lenses to see and love others without any expectations. These prophets of hope and love are in direct contrast to the harsh reality of our existence. For the present we live in a creation that is not fully transformed creation. We see day after day man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.  We have descended so low as to use mere babies and children as pawns to gain selfish political ends.  Yes we do create visible Hells on earth. (This is being written in 2019) There is goodness, Godliness inherent in all creation.  The Creator is good, so then creation must be good.  So often it is hidden and  must be discovered and released. That is the work of The Creator’s  co-creators, all of humankind. There are no exceptions otherwise human beings would not have been created.

Our faith reveals that there IS a process in place. The inexorable evolutionary movement which may be at times frustrated, but never prevented.  There is no power greater than The Power. moving through all of creation into a wholeness, into a oneness. It is a daunting task, but with God all things are possible.  As it is with creation so it is with you and I. We are always being directed guided toward a oneness with ourselves, and as a consequence with others. This is so easy to write or say "as I go so goes all of creation."  The state of all creation is the state of each individual soul. Then it stands to reason that the sefish, self centered, I hate-full, fear-full, xenophobic lenses must not be the lenses through which creation and creatures are to be viewed.  We are in desperate need of a new set of lenses our present lenses are jaded, and out of focus.  We must surrender our lenses to be gently tweaked by The  Great Optometrist.  What does He/She use for this adjustment? Each and  every action of our life experience are used to bring about a gradual refocusing.  This leads to the appearance of newer and more exciting vistas.  Vistas we are drawn and directed to explore, but always at a price !!!! Pope Francis is paying such a heavy price for the new lenses he is gifting the church with and as a consequence all of creation.  Unfortunately, truth will always find opposition so it is today.  The Truth was conspired against, falsely accused and killed.  History repeats itself again and again so let us pray for his health and wellbeing.  Pope Francis is presenting us with a new wine. The old wine skins cannot carry the new wine.  We have the freedom, God has given, to choose to be the bearers of this new and intoxicating new wine???

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