Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Beloved "Hope punkers" we must be!!! Part 2

Human beings are drawn to seek, and to search for that which is unknown. Their search really is for The Unknown and the Unknowable.  Some journey to the horizons of the seen, others are drawn to journey within and discover, "new heavens and new earths." deep within the depths of the their souls.  As with the pioneers of the west, and the explorers of other lands, we see many have sacrificed  their lives for a newly discovered truths which demanded an expansion of thought leading into a new, more vivifying spiritual reality.  Today we call many of those saints, but in their day and age they were looked upon with anger, scorn, and hatred.  Imprisoned, flogged, and even burned at the stake. Where would America be if not for that restless spirit within those early pioneers who longed to journey far to see what was beyond the physical horizons of their vision.  As it was with our predecessors so it is with you and I today. We must venture way beyond the limits of our fears to the awe inspiring mysterious destiny that lies beyond our knowledge and the  limited vision of today.  To listen and read we are inclined to think we in 2019 have arrived.  This is it.  Thank God for the scientific researchers, and theologians who have responded to the call and embrace the risk to "Go beyond" and risk the journey that takes them deeper. When they report back their newfound dynamic vision they are not reverenced as the prophets of today. So, many are treated the same way as the prophets of old. Not as bloody but just as death dealing.  By our Confirmation we are all called to be prophets, as never before.  The Spirit that inflamed the prophets of salvation history, which is all history, is the same Spirit that awaits our response to go forth and give birth to a radical newness. Yes, we must all respond consciously or unconsciously to  that quiet Voice encouraging us to seek ways beyond the secure certainties  so as to seek and to search out what is beyond horizons and the securities of today.

Each one of us is a  pioneer.  Bushwacking our way through the great unknown we call the present moment. In each new moment is hidden a new reality waiting to be discovered and reverenced.  Have you heard of the hikers addiction?  Can't wait to see what is around the next bend, and the next bend…..That addiction has got me in trouble more times than I would care to admit here. We are to look at each moment as a bend on life’s trail which when journeyed round opens up a newness never before encountered.  There is danger here.  We can be so caught up in the what is beyond the next bend, we neglect to enjoy the present new reality.  Wherever we are at we are on holy ground ever and always. We do not have to go to The Holy Land so as to tread on holy ground.  It is right there where you plant your foot.  The God within you encounters the Creator God both hidden and revealed in all creation.  This being so it is the Imminent God meeting creator God.  What a sacred mysterious encounter this is? This dynamic encounter happens where your feet are planted.  Planted feet are so common they have lost their essential mystery.  Do not be in a hurry to move on. Be still and know not only the place but experience  yourself as the place of a mysterious encounter. 

continued on July 20 Part 3

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