Monday, July 15, 2019

Beloved "Hope punkers" we must be!!!

On one of my trips I went into a store to purchase an item.  I paid the cashier with cash.  As she was handing me the change she said "have a wonderful day." I said in reply "Thank you and  may you have an awe-full day as well."  She was really taken aback at my remark.  She looked puzzled, and looking not too pleased.  I went on to explain how to use the word "awe-full" in conversation.  I also use awe-full in my homilies.  I used to  get a great kick when at the end of a wedding ceremony I would wish the couple "An awe-full life,"  not an awesome life together.  Accepting the fact they will have an awe-full life they will be cognizant of the mysterious Presence that will always be directing them gently into the newness of the mystery each partner is in their depths.  That is why love is fruit-full, it loves the partner into the person God has created that person to be, their real true self, the secret known only to God alone.  When there is such creative love the child born of their intimacy is in reality the incarnation of their love.  In this incarnation The God Who was first incarnated so long ago is born anew.  Each birth continues the revelation of the mystery of The Incarnation.  Keeping that in mind addressing the couple as awesome is selling them so short.  The reality of their awe-full-ness hopefully will encourage them as individuals and as a couple to plunge the depths of the mystery of love, and The Lover.

I read where awe leads to respect, reverence, and veneration.  That is what I desire for every person I meet.  To see beyond the so-called ordinariness of what is seen, what is heard, what is tasted, what is smelled, and  is touched brings a new and a deeper vision to our ever evolving reality. We, with all of creation, are slowly evolving into a real wholeness, a holiness.  Since that is true, and quantum physics bears that out, we must have the lenses necessary to leave behind the certainties of the past so as to become aware of the miracle of what is before our eyes.  This is "hope punking" at it’s best.  Looking beyond what is seen etc. to be awakened to the miracle of becoming that is right there before our eyes." Lord would that I could see Your guiding "hand" at work every nanosecond we are in partnership in bringing a new creation.  We can see what we can do in the doing, but the mystery of  the ongoing secret workings of The Loving Creative Spirit awaits our discovery.  This journey of discovery is not for the  faint of heart."  It takes reckless courage to journey into the depths of who we really are. (Yeates).  We must have a soul mate for that journey.  In Gaelic the person is called The Anam Cara.  The Anam Cara journeys every step of the way to be a loving nonjudgmental cognizant presence as one journeys through dark valleys and on to mountains of transformation, and transfiguration. How awefull it is when I see someone announce they have married their soul mate. 

continued on July 17 part 2

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