Thursday, July 4, 2019

Why do we have to fight??? Part 3

 My formative years were bracketed by the toxic trinity, of guilt fear and shame. Then through the very mysterious and "subversive" (O'Donoghue) workings of grace, a new and ever evolving dynamic has been added.  Joe has been awakened, and given new lenses to see the truly amazing mysterious reality. There is more to Joe than he will ever know, or what others think they know about him.  He is loved way beyond his ever so human understanding. He has weaknesses and character defects that through the workings of grace, and the workings of mercy-full love, are now a source of strength for others.  Joe has to accept the slow pain-full process of transformation which is his lot because of his initiation, immersion as a spiritual being into the human condition.  He is the beloved and must extend every effort to bring  the subversive belief of belovedness to all those who ache for the healing touch of Love.  That is the whole human race.  All there is, is this word and this moment in time.  The rest lies in the workings of The Holy Spirit. May The Creative Loving Spirit that guides, guards and directs the efforts of all the inhabitants of the "space ship," we call our earthen-home. 

This same Loving, Creative Holy Spirit has been poured into our souls to be the constant reminder of who we really are as the beloved, The Beloved, no more no less. This Spirit is given to us in order to counteract, frustrate, contradict, the falsities, the lies of that other voice Satan's.  When we live our lives in the freedom being the beloved sons and daughters we are living "in the Spirit."  Those words are whispered and must be listened for.  "Be still and know that I am God."  In the book of Kings, God comes as a "whispering wind." One must really listen to a whisper. A whisper draws us closer.  There is on the other hand a very loud voice that is telling us the opposite.  It is the lie of the Liar that wants to convince us that we have to be worthy of Love. That somehow we must earn, deserve and somehow qualify for the gracious gift of our Creators’s  love.  Satan IS the father  of lies.  He is also the divider, Diablo. When we exist, not live in the life responding to the lies we are in the flesh" (Sarx)  Here, then, we find ourselves confronted with two competing diverse voices.  One voice is whispering, telling us we are loved as we are, and we do not have to do anything but accept that love.  A voice that tells us, and we have to listen that we have nothing to prove to anyone.  The voice of Satan wants to convince us of the opposite.

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