Monday, July 22, 2019

Beloved "Hope punkers" we must be!!! Part 4

Ideally we are to carry and bring our experience of our encounter in the outdoor cathedral to our place of religious celebration.  The challenge of an authentic celebration is  to make the connection between life and liturgy.  If that does not happen we have a lifeless liturgy, which is a turnoff for so many today.  Pope Francis implores his priests to connect all forms life to the liturgy.  As I travel I love when it is announced there will be mass in the cathedral of God’s creation. Whether it is in the woods, on a mountain, on the beach, beside a river the Presence of The Creator is given praise and thanksgiving, in creative liturgies.  Leading also to prayers of petition where the needs of all humanity are raised in confident prayer.  We must somehow reach out  and touch the awe-full-ness both hidden and revealed in all, and celebrate that in a manner which encourages further journeying beyond present horizons. The spiritual journey is about horizons, not boundaries. WOW!!! the words an old song of Mama Cass Elliot has come to mind, It  was a big hit single for Mama Cass way back, but the words are so necessary for right now "there is a new world coming, coming in peace, coming in joy, coming in love" which is an apt description of the coming of The Kingdom of God !!!

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