Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Why do we have to fight??? Part 2

The question needs to be asked, how well have we been exposed to the radical nature of the message of free undeserved love as taught and practiced in the mission and ministry of Him Who was the incarnation of Infinite love,  Jesus Who became The Christ of God.  Becoming The Christ of God was not "a walk in the park," it was rather a journey, for the historical Jesus, into pain-full suffering, excruciating abandonment, complete kenosis, an emptying out which none of us can imagine, but participate in to some degree on a daily basis. Then there was the encounter with  death, finally Resurrection and  A new life which all are offered to participate. We are loved into the freedom to say "no" or "yes." The spiritual IS hard work, and the older one gets the harder one has to work at acceptance and surrender.  Those in AA or on any recovery journey also come to know "the longer you are sober/clean the harder you have to work."  The disease progresses so it is incumbent, essential for all, that  progress in the spiritual realm reality must be an every reality as well.  

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