Sunday, October 20, 2019

Two Shoes, Part 2

As St. Augustine wrote "the first book written was creation."  The second Bible written was with words. The creation, writing of that first book has taken billions of years and it is still being written to day.  If we were told that there was a person chosen to continue to write the bible, we all would want to rush and observe the writing.  Why do we not have reverence and respect for our participation in the ongoing work of being co-creators of today's creation?  This is our sacred mission in life for which we have been chosen from all of eternity.  One of Christ’s "two shoes" is evolving into reality right where can go and be caught in the miracle of birthing.  In every second the miracle of creation is right there before us.  From what I am told the birthing of a baby is an awe-full, mysterious, spiritual experience.  I have not had the privilege of being present at that precious sacramental event, but I am privileged to witness the ongoing birthing of creation.  A reality I not only observe, but am challenged to be a participant in the act of creation.  As I hike a trail even though this trail is easy to follow, by my traveling that part of creation, I add something else to that which is already present.  My footsteps add a clearer dimension to that present reality.  There is no footstep that is trodden that does not leave an imprint.  So we follow the the shoe that are there before us.  They do not lead to that which is ordinary, these footprints lead us to an ever deepening understanding, vision of The Infinite Creator.  This Infinite Creator is both our origin and our destiny. "Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you have got heaven and earth, and all of creation. You are a world."  What an insight from one who has gone before. A footprint…???

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