Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Tabernacle of you...Part 2

When I was growing up, back in Ireland, there was the custom of making visits to The Prisoner in the tabernacle. Like all prisoners this Prisoner welcomes visitors, all visitors.  You do not have to make an appointment, you do not have to be all dressed up, all one has to do is just enter the doors of the church, chapel, or oratory.  One does not have to be on friendly terms with said Prisoner. We may not have made an appearance for many days, months, years, but the welcome is always the same.  One may come with a chip on ones shoulder. It does not matter.  What matters is that you have shown up.  No matter what the disposition of the visitor The Prisoner has the same greeting for everyone. "It is so great to see you, "come rest in me," and experience the love that is ALWAYS yours as my beloved daughter/son." I beg you do not reject My love, but let Me guide you into Its depths.” The Spirit that is My love will gently guide you there." Again one does not have to earn or deserve this gift of unconditioned love of The Prodigal Lover, hidden in the tabernacle of the church and hidden within each person who is also a tabernacle. People do not always visit one's grandparents but when one does what a welcome awaits ( I am stealing this from Fr.Holsheiser). There are hugs and kisses.  There is excitement about the growth that has taken place, and waistlines are completely ignored.  Each one is made to feel precious and loved in their uniqueness.  What a sacrament grandparents are.  Now great grandparents are really, "off the hook.”  There are no words to describe the presence of great-GRAND-parents.  Having never experienced the presence of great grandparents I am completely at a loss for words.  (Mark that down!!!)

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