Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Tabernacle of You

"The mountains are calling, so I must go.” These words written by John Muir have an ever deepening meaning for me. The call of the mountains, with it streams and rivers, with its ever so silent forests, and sparkling deep blue lakes, is truly a mystery I have no clue about.  I leave that to greater minds and transformed hearts.  All I can do is allow myself to be drawn ever deeper into this mystery, as with every mystery.  Each visit is an ever new experience to reflect on, and to be nourished by.  When we are lost in the embrace of Mother nature she imparts with unconditioned love, all that I need for the challenge of the present moment which is my dwelling place.  There is such an acceptance in the love Mother nature blesses us with.  Her love has no conditions, or reservations.  The only requirement is to dress up and show up.  What happens after that is mystery.  A mysterious happening that is beyond the ability of human word to truly express.  Oh how poor words are when we are looking for words to express the workings of The Word.  Who is in all, and above all and is overall.  It is the same Reality in which we live in, move in and make our dwelling within.  Then the awe-full reality of all of this is, The Word repeats back to you and I, "In you I live, and move and within you is My dwelling place."  The word that has been used to describe the dwelling place of God is tabernacle.  An essential element of the mystery, is that the human person is a tabernacle.  A tabernacle of finite human flesh within which The Infinite One has chosen to dwell.  There to dwell as our prisoner, yes, as our prisoner!!!  What food for reflection, and serious thought. "O God, help to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beauty-full it is."

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