Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Prisoner in the prison within

If we are going to be alive, and I mean really alive, there is no second option.  How I have wished and do wish each day that there was another way, an "easier and softer way." There is not. Now the trouble is when we get to those places of discomfort, and begin to be comfortable in said reality, oops we have to move on. There is no tent making, or house building on this journey. We cannot even build a nest.  We are going to be thrown out of that as well. There are some nests I would love to have stayed in, like St. Thomas The Apostle.  Blessed Sacrament in Tolleson, and my last nest St. Andrew the Apostle.  It was tough leaving those nests.  The acceptance of this dynamic is real hard work.  Resentment over lack of permanence is a reality I have to constantly deal with. There is some comfort when I am told, that  the journey is my home. That is why the spiritual life is always living with, and being reconciled, through grace with apparent contradictions.  Acceptance of what is, is the key to the reconciliation process. There is constant movement on this journey, but we also need those moments of reflective silence when we are led to the realization there is One Who is journeying in us and through us and with us. Our God is Emanuel, God with us, whether we know it or not, whether we feel it or not, our God is with us. There is still more to this Mysterious Presence enfleshed in our humanity. In each human being The Incarnation is a living reality..

I love the following words of Karl Rahner, he has written these words as if God was saying them to us," I am in the prison of your finiteness, because My love has made Me your prisoner." WOW there is a new name and a new understanding of our Gracious Creator, not only as God With Us but as God within us, as, Prisoner.  God says, "I Am in the prison of your finiteness." Therefore in order to encounter This Presence we have to journey into our finiteness.  Infinity as our personal Prisoner. In our finiteness, it is hidden and revealed as Prisoner, The Creative Power which the whole world cannot contain.  Creative is a living and active Presence so we must be prepared for constant creativity.  There will be a constant newness, there will be constant surprises, revealing how precious we are in the eyes of our Beloved. May you discover the Prisoner hidden and revealed in you sacred, sacramental finiteness. "O God, help me to accept the truth about myself, no matter how beauty-full it is...

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