Friday, September 13, 2019

It is a gift and it is always freely bestowed

I went to confession for years but did not encounter, or slowly embrace the wounded Joe, as today's wounded Christ. I have however  been led to slowly, and oh so slowly accept and embrace the paschal process which is my destiny. This paschal process is an essential part of every new moment of each and every day. This is our journey of discovery into the newness that is mystery.  As I am now, beginning to understand and share to the best of my present limited abilities.  We are led deeper and deeper into places we do not wish to go.  I see now, that reality does not stop with the aging process.  I have been visiting places I never knew were part of my reality.  Is not life, and the spiritual journey just full of surprises revealing a mysterious ever surprising Presence.  This Presence has so many disguises we are guaranteed a very surprising event-full life.  A life not intended for the faint-hearted.  There are so many layers of living, and meaning to be discovered.  One more mysterious than the other.  It is endless because we are involved with a Reality that is The Endless One.  So near, yet so far beyond our unaided faculties.  Yet, in our ever evolving understanding of grace we are through an ever new succession of dark valleys, barren deserts, and glorious mountaintops.

If we are going to be alive, and I mean really alive, there is no second option to this invitation to unending adventure. I am convinced more and more of the hard fact that we need well grounded guides to guide us as we journey through that the challenging, hazardous terrain we encounter in the spiritual life.  May the road be good to you as you make your return journey to your and everlasting eternal first home.  Because Fr. Harry was, The Prodigal Father incarnate to this rebellious son, he was introduced to prodigal love.  As a result of this encounter, I began to leave behind the life lived within the hellish prison created by the "toxic trinity."  The toxic trinity I see as toxic guilt, fear, and shame.

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