Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Thoughts on Playing the Back Nine...Part 5


The Triduum Celebration being restored brought a new awareness to the meaning of The Paschal Mystery and how we are to approach it’s celebration.  It has taken me a long, long time to make the personal connection between what was celebrated in The Triduum and my everyday life.  This process of connecting the two began when we had the Friday stations of the cross in Seaton Catholic chapel. (Seaton Catholic High School was such a blessing to the community of St. Andrew The Apostle in those early days.)  I came across a Stations of The Cross booklet that lead to the beginning of a more personal understanding, a deepening connection between what was and what is.  There is no time and space in the spiritual realm, the spiritual reality.  I read “if you want to know your future read the Gospels.”  There is my life’s journey laid out in black and white.  What was more exciting was when I read that every person of the Gospels is to be found within myself.  Now, that was something it took me a long time to wrap my mind around and make the essential connection.  I cannot describe what this insight has brought to me.  But then, why am I surprised? Is not this all about mystery, and mystery is never completely understood.  Each time we are lead into mystery we come out with a newer and a more vital understanding than what we had.  Each journey into mystery is ever new and always unique.

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