Friday, June 4, 2021

Thoughts on Playing the Back Nine...Part 3


We sure have had real tough times to journey through.  Some of our sisters and brothers did not make it.  So there is a great void in our families and familial life. There is that old saying “Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger.”  It is rather trite when one is hanging on by ones fingernails.  I (we) must have something more to help boost our self-confidence, and strengthen our resolve.  This is where the trudging of the spiritual trail reveals a hidden strength that was up to now, hidden. Is not there a great feeling after having survived a storm or in some cases a typhoon, we are somehow lead to rest in  the comfort of the coming of the guaranteed, eventual peace and calm.

Again this is so relatively easy to write about, in hindsight, but when the wind is howling and our foundations are threatened, our thoughts are about the coming peace, but how to survive the obvious threat.  In my 81+ years I have been, like every old person, been challenged to meet this challenge which is part of life.  What has helped me reach these so-called “Golden Years,” has been an ever deeper understanding of The Easter and beyond narrative.  I was reading a John O’Shea book and came across these life changing words, ”Jesus’s story IS our story today.  ”Yes I was challenged not just to read, but to accept that reality.  The story I am writing today by my moment to moment actions is the continuation of the Gospel narrative.  We are the living, breathing, incarnated “contemporary” Christ for the contemporary world we are both chosen and called to live in. We have been chosen from all of eternity to be who we exactly are at this moment.

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