Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Thoughts on Playing the Back Nine...Part 2


To begin with, my Summer journeys into the Western States, away from the Arizona crucible, were not always ideal or idyllic.  There was always those first number of weeks where I was in deep struggles with myself. I was lucky enough to have read, and reread, Fr.Rohr’s book, “Everything Belongs.” In it he writes that when we enter into solitude we will be challenged to face our issues with addiction, negativity, fear, and control.  I was able to somewhat relax and enjoy the daily experience of solitude, and ever evolving creation.  Looking back I have often shared that because of my personal struggles, ”If I was married to me I would have come home divorced.” People laughed at that.  I was not amused by their laughter.  I was sharing what was a real tough transformational experience which was no laughing matter.  It was only through the gracious and compassion laden power of Grace I was challenged to “grow up.”  A man in his 50’s and 60’s does not like to be told to grow up and embrace the radical workings of grace.  Workings that are mysterious, and a “wonder to behold”, but never really understood.  This is the opening salvo.  Where it will lead to I do not have a clue.  Like all great hikes, and journeys they happen one step at a time, moment at a time.  Prayers are needed, please. So this will happen one letter at a time. 

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