Thursday, October 8, 2020

Let us never grow weary in the asking, part 3

As we are so limited in our human-ness we're always in the need of understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation.  We have to remind ourselves of the depth of the compassion of our Compassionate Creator.  The Psalmist dares to be so brave as to remind The Creator of The Creators compassion and love which he says The Divine has from  "of old."  The compassion and love are from of old,  but there is never any weariness in their application to our wounded-ness,  and brokenness. Pope Francis reminds us of "the willingness of The Divine to offer forgiveness again and again."  The Divine never wearies,  it is us who grow weary.  Our journey asks of us to persevere in our asking, and never grow weary.  For this to be a reality un our lives we need Grace. and loads of it.  The Loving Creator always makes room for us.  We are not puppets at the end of a string, being pulled here and there with no control on our part.  We have been endowed with the freedom to choose life or death in each and every moment.


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