Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Let us never grow weary in the asking, part 2


We are never alone on this journey.  This is 2020 and we are getting fed up of that word quarantine.  It has been with us for so long, and it will be our challenge for some time to come.  The death toll is horrendous, and getting worse.  Over 205,000 have died, and the future offers no consolation as so many will not respect the wisdom of the scientists.  It is our obligation in justice and charity to obey and observe, suggested protocols.  We must take seriously that number of 370,000 plus by January 1st, 2021 !!! The scientists reveal one side of the truth necessary for a healthy journey, and then we have spiritual guidance to make our daily hike a journey into wholeness, into holiness. Quarantine makes one go deeper in order to endure the challenge of aloneness and solitude.  Is it not amazing that what we do not want,  The Creative Loving Spirit uses as the place where we encounter the compassionate Power which always leads to gifts never imagined.  Life is sure a mystery,  always attracting us.  That attraction is innate.

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