Friday, August 14, 2009

The Truth Speaker

We have the choice to turn out the trash-talker and tune into the voice that is always there to remind, to reassure us of our essential, and eternal goodness, our eternal value. That quiet voice -- if and when we listen – tells us we are loved for what we are, not for what we did or did not do. It is a straightforward voice, with no conditions or restrictions, no reservations or limitations. It says, “I love you.” It is the voice that reminds us that we are precious.

This gentle voice is neither devious nor deceptive. It is a voice whose source is Life. It consequently wants us to live life in a healthy, meaningful way. Not a life lived in deception, discouragement, or despair. The trash-talker wants us dead. The voice of Real Truth wants us to live. This is the voice The Truth Speaker. The Truth Speaker as opposed to the trash-talker speaks to the truth of who we are, who we have been called to be, and always reminds us of who has done the calling. The Truth Speaker speaks to our essential goodness and to the Eternal truth that lies within each one of us. The trash-talker wants nothing of that!

We then have a choice:

• be in dialog with the Truth Speaker who is God reminding us of our essential goodness as His beloved son/daughter
• listen to the trash-talker who wishes to denigrate us into a life of Hell.

The dreamer’s journey continues…


  1. look for the good, look for the good

  2. sometimes the trash talker is sly and discises himself. how do I always know who is talking to me?