Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our Choice...

Unfortunately, our lives are populated with people who spread the noisy and distracting voice of the trash-talker. They have become immersed -- without question -- to the sound. They blare into our lives the disquieting messages that life is about power, property and prestige. Value is the result of your ability to control, to win. Unless you live out of their concept of property, then you are immersed in poverty. If you do not reflect a life of prestige, then you are a nobody only taking up space in their world.

We are so lucky to be offered the voice of the Truth Seeker. He tells us by His words and through His deeds, there is another way of looking at reality. We are encouraged to look to the reality beyond the perceived. The Truth Seeker gives us, imparts to us where we are to look for real power, real property, real prestige. We will find all of these in places the trash-talker would be afraid to venture to. The Truth Seeker reveals to us that true power will come to us in our powerlessness. The Truth Seeker came to us with no property, except a broken humanity He inherited – our humanity. His prestige lay in the fact that He was a child of the local carpenter and his wife.

So the battle rages in our souls. Our well-being, our destiny, our salvation is the prize. Yes, there are two powers, two forces at war, but the forces are not equal. God’s power is all power. This is the source of our great hope. It affords us the hope we need to face the forces that want us dead, and our lives destroyed. We make the choice, life or death, hope or despair, fear or freedom. May the spirit of love, compassion, consolation, lead you to the freedom of being beloved sons and beloved daughters.

In order for the saboteur to be successful, he must be devious, a distorter, a detractor, devoid of mercy, a master of disguise, and most of all – a deceiver. The destructive force for evil in our lives is all of the above. Its language is “cunning, baffling, powerful, insidious and patient.” That is quite an enemy we have. The Scriptures warn that “the angels of darkness do appear as angels of light.” We are also reminded that every vice is a virtue taken to extremes.

God will never allow us to be tested beyond our strength. What is our strength? Only the active presence of the love of the infinite God. Our God who is always there for us, with us, and within us. We must ask for the faith to believe that whatever the saboteur does through all of his disguises, that it will never, and I mean never, have the power to overcome or overpower us. We are on God’s team, strengthened with His spirit, and we shall overcome whatever the obstacles living life may place before us. Yes, God and I can. We can, not I can. It is a We job!

The dreamer’s journey continues…


  1. thanks Fr.Joe, good stuff, powerful, encouraging, inspiring of each moment of our day

  2. I love this entry. Daily the war rages.