Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introducing the saboteur

Many years ago, a popular poster showed a little boy, fully dressed, standing on a junk heap. The caption read: "God made me, and God makes no junk". Do we believe that? The harder question, if God doesn't make junk, why on earth do we treat ourselves or allow others to treat us as if we are junk? It is because we are listing to the wrong voice. There are dueling voices within us. One voice invites us to live in a world that is sometimes unbelievable. It is a world beyond our imagination, where we are living in freedom and the presence of our living God. Then there is the other voice, the voice of the saboteur, which does not want us to enjoy this wonder-full gift that is freely given.

The saboteur wants to destroy the goodness that is ours. It wants to destroy by every means imaginable, all that is healthy, all that is fullness, all that is Holy. The saboteur has the power to make this happen, make no mistake about that. But he does not have all the power. The All Powerful One is God. He is on our side and at our side, no matter what happens. He tells us fear not, "I am with you".

The saboteur, like all saboteurs, can seem to have some wisdom but lacks all wisdom. All wisdom belongs to the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. There is a GPS system that is God's Persistent Safety-net. The saboteur knows some of the truth, but he does not know all of the truth. All Truth is his enemy but our friend. We are defended by this Truth as adopted children, chosen children.

As chosen children, we are given the strengthening spirit as our inheritance. It is our inheritance we are to enjoy in the here and now. When we do not, what has happened? The voice of the saboteur dominates the airwaves of of our hearts, souls and minds. It is a noise that wants to drown out the voice of Truth that reminds us "we are the Beloved. We are precious...the apple of our God's eyes."

The dreamer's journey continues.....

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  1. vigilence, prayers to God and St Michael the Archangel help to fend off the saboteur while keeping me grateful to experience, look for and try to pass on the good.