Saturday, August 8, 2009

The saboteur continued...

The saboteur attacks us under many disguises. We need to rely, always, on the x-ray eye of faith to identify the lies, the deceits, the falsehoods. The x-ray eye of faith will reveal our deepest truths, in spite of all the efforts of the father of lies, Satan. Our deepest truth -- that we are beloved sons/daughters -- will set us free to enjoy life to the fullest. The saboteur will do all in his power to prevent this from happening. His goal is to bring us to the point where we share his experience, which is Hell. Hell is that place where there is no love. Hell is a place we choose to dwell. God does not send us to Hell, we choose to go and dwell in that place of isolation and torment through the exercise of our own free will. We make a choice every moment of every day. “It is Heaven all the way to Heaven and it is Hell all the way to Hell.”

I learned to play golf in Ireland. My dad was my teacher, and a good one he was. Before I stopped playing, my handicap was in the single digits. (It is not a good sign when a priest is playing in single figures. It may mean the parish could be suffering.) I learned early that all golfers were not as polite on the course as my dad. [I played a lot with my friends who loved to bustle a lot.] When I came to America, that expression “bustle” I have found out could be translated into the expression “trash-talker.” How hard it is to play and concentrate on a game with a trash-talker. That is precisely their ambition. The trash-talker’s goal is to throw you off your game by distracting you from focusing on what you wish to accomplish. To distract you from the here and now. It is meant to antagonize you, discourage you, distract you from where you are and from what you are doing.

One of the many disguises of the saboteur is that of the trash-talker. The devil is THE trash-talker. He is always scheming, plotting to undermine our true value, our true self-worth, our true foundation, so he can substitute for what is rocky within. His goal is to substitute that which is really real with what is illusion and unreal. This will lead to our being disconnected from reality. When we are disconnected from reality we are ultimately disconnected from God. We must always be reminded that God is Reality. In all of our reality, whatever it may be – God is present. He is not present in the trinity of illusions which is could, should, would and all of their minions.

The trash-talker repeats over and over and over again words meant to denigrate you, your family and all that is near and dear to you. The trash-talker loves to bring up past mistakes, past failures to challenge your confidence in what you are doing right now. The trash-talker is out to sow seeds of fear in your ability. He needs the challenge of the present moment. The trash-talker shows no mercy until we are broken-down, beaten-down and destroyed. What the trash-talker has in mind, the trash-talker’s goal, is to make each of us a victim and remain in our victim-hood. But, we have a choice to make.

The dreamer’s journey continues…

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