Saturday, June 27, 2020

Short walks on a long journey

 “Short walks on a long journey." It is meant to encourage hikers, like myself, not to focus just on the long hikes alone but to consider shorter ones as well. Short hikes that are really worth taking. That strikes a chord with me, and I reflected on how it may apply to everyday living.
As you know, I love to compare our journey on "the spaceship earth" to a long, long hike. Each and every day is a “short walk" on the hopefully long journey we call life. We, who have emerged from the mist of The Eternal, are forever and always, in a reality, way beyond that which our limited vision, can see. We believe, the Eternal, the Mystery, the Indefinable, the Ineffable, is a Reality we will never understand, on this earthly journey. As a consequence we will ever and always be seeking, and searching for understanding. Understanding of who we are, and who that source of our being is.
We are in good company.  We need to remember, St. Francis had just these two very basic questions. "Who are you God, and who am I?"

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