Monday, January 28, 2019

Dear Sloggers, Part 2

I get really excited, even at this age, when I read something that just makes me go WOW, I came across the fact, that sometimes we look, but do not see, hear, but do not listen, know but do not understand. That has been my guiding star, leading me into previously unknown realities, or seeing old realities in a new light. So I ask you the question, from this past Advent-Christmas-Epiphany Season what is evolving, what is coming into awareness, what is now challenging you, causing you discomfort?
To put it simply that is the birthing process of a new, and a more authentic you. You are Giving Birth to The Christ within you. Birthing is a pain-full process. It is messy. Life is messy. Family life is messy. Check out the family tree of the historical Jesus, WOW. All that messiness find its way into salvation history, into the history of our salvation. With God all things are possible. Be not satisfied with the comfortable, the familiar, our faith journey leads us into discomfort, into the unknown. What is a truth you do not want to face? What have you known, but do not now want to understand, because it will demand something of you, you are not prepared to face, or let go of?  A-C-E Season can be described as a spiritual tsunami.  Great storms leave behind them treasures on the beaches so, let us become beachcombers and journey to the beaches of our souls to find new treasures that brighten our lives.  The treasures are sometimes on the sand, sometimes one has to dig for them, but the treasures are there. What is the treasure that now brightens your life, from the season we have just journeyed through.
WE are challenged, this year, to face the uncomfortable, disquieting fact, that despite all the great promises Mary, and Joseph were given, they became refugees. So today's Holy Family, is our refugee family! That today's Incarnation of God, has been taken from today's, Mary and Joseph, and placed in cages. The Incarnation tells us that each newborn, is a new manifestation of God. That great song, "Mary did you know," has these awe-full, wonder-full words. Mary do you know when you kiss the face of your child, you kiss the face of God." So kiss your children, and challenge yourself to believe this is the face of God!!! Children, grow up and change, but the reality doesn't. When you kiss that grown up child, you are still kissing the face of God. How many believe that in the celebration of the sacrament of their sexuality, they are encountering Eucharist at its deepest level (Fr. Rolheiser). I look at this, but do not I see, do I know, but fail to understand the sacramentality of sexuality, and so deprive so many of the awe-full gift. The  Incarnation truly challenges us to broaden our understanding of all that is.     
To be continued...

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