Monday, January 21, 2019

Dear fellow, "wonder-full, "awe-full," sloggers,

The Advent-Christmas-Epiphany Season of 2018-2019 has again afforded us another opportunity to delve into the mystery of who we are, Whose presence we have been called to be, and Who has done this calling.
      This involves action on our part. Each mass I celebrate I make sure the assembly repeat, "O god, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is." The thinking behind this is the fact there is an ongoing struggle, an ongoing battle within the soul of each one of us. Yes, there is a battlefield in the depths of each soul. On that field a battle rages between the two voices who are always calling to us, begging for our exclusive attention. One is quiet gentle voice, calling us, beloved daughter, beloved son. A voice so gentle, that we have to be immersed in silence to become aware of its existence. I have always found it very difficult to accept the fact that silence is, our God’s, first language. It has been a very long, and difficult journey, to become comfortable in silence, and solitude. I can only thank the many, many hours of hiking in nature for this gift to become a reality. At one time I was so very much afraid of the awe-full, and wonder-full silence, that I listened to music to drown out the silence. Then ever so slowly I became comfortable in the quiet, accepting, unconditioned embrace of nature. In nature, each individual is accepted and loved as they are. One does not have to be anything, but who the person one really is. What a mysterious freedom we are privileged to gifted with, and called to enjoy. One does not have to earn, deserve, or qualify for this transformational experience. All we have to do is be the best we can be, right now. That adage, "We do our best, and God does the rest, works here."  All we have to do is have the desire, then The Power of Love, finds the way. It is this simple, yet we want to complicate it, right?
      The other voice can be loud, oh! so very loud. It can cause us to become deaf to the quiet voice, calling us beloved daughter/son. It is so sad that when we cease to hear, or pay attention to that quiet voice, we then get lost. Lost in listening to, and living the lie. The lie is that we have to earn, deserve, qualify for something which is ALREADY deep within us. We are listening to voice of negativity blinding us to who we really are, in our Father-God prodigal love. Our Father sent us His Son, Jesus, Who became The Christ, to reveal to us through His humanity, life and ministry of Who our Mercy-full Father truly is. It is so sad when the mercy of God is diluted, and/or denied, because of personal prejudice, and conflict. Thank God our Pope has returned us to a renewed vision of The Prodigal Father of the Gospels. There is no, if about His love. There is no precondition for His acceptance. All there is an open invitation to welcoming arms. To those who are in the business of measuring, this make no sense. Scripture warns us, "Our ways are NOT God’s ways." Never have been, never will.  We have to free God from our narrow thinking. We have to make God, BIG. After all God is INFINITE??? Why then do we want to make The Infinite into something we can define and control? This results in us making God in our image, and likeness. Hence we have NOT a living God, but an idol, a false god. WE have been warned against worshipping at the altar of false gods, i.e. power, property, prestige, control, comparison and competition. The ego, the false self demands this of us. There is a war when we cross the false self, and worship at the altar of The Living God, The Incarnation reveals to us. I like what I read many years ago, what we know is not God, what we do not know is God. So God is also called The Unknown, and The Unknowable. We have to stop spouting out, and believing as the ultimate fact, our little narrow understanding of God. We are called to journey into the cloud of unknown. It is a journey into certainty not uncertainty.  There is an old classic, "The Cloud Of Unknowing." (I just love when the anonymous author writes, "God does His best work with habitual sinners.") 
To be continued...

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