Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A wounded wanderer wonders at the mystery of life!!! Part 2

In the dying, there is laid the threshold over which we all step so as to enter "new heavens and new earths" which is another way of saying, we experience "new freedoms and new happiness."  This is an never ending process which tenderizes our hardened hearts and results in having hearts of flesh.  This is what it means to be alive.  To life with a heart that reach out and touch with empathy, and compassion, not in judgment and condemnation those still hurting hearts which are placed before us on our life's journey.  We have been CHOSEN to be the present day Good Samaritan.  To pour the oil of mercy which we have received into the wounds of the suffering sister/brother and so bring the healing, comfort, soothing, strengthening necessary for a return to full health.  There is a healing not a curing!!!

That original Good Samaritan must have known and been transformed by great pain, great loss, great sorrow so as to be able to overcome the accepted prejudices and hatred and be able reach out and touch the untouchable enemy.  You and I are called to no less.  We too are challenged to look beyond the accepted hard-hearted prejudices of our present day death-dealing heartlessness.  We have been CHOSEN by our Confirmation to be present day prophets.  We must dare to speak truth to power, and be prepared to pay the price, which you most certainly will. Be assured that whatever the challenge life offers the strength to meet that reality ALREADY lies within.  In the old days we called that actual grace.  We all need to re-rededicate ourselves the radical message of The Gospel, not the gospel created for human convenience.  No amount of lawyering can get around the challenge of Matt 25.  Jesus did not put any preconditions on it's radical challenge.  We as a society are to be judged on how we respond to the needs of the poorest of the poor.  Thank God there are those who are prepared to go against the heartless norms set by humans to reach out and not just meet the present day Suffering Christ but minister to His many needs. Let the many join the few!!!

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