Sunday, August 4, 2019

A wounded wanderer wonders at the mystery of life!!!

This is invitation to journey with me down memory lane.  This lane is getting longer by the moment, and I hope it will continue to meander for some time yet.  When that final step will be taken, the last breath drawn is not for me to decide.  My body will say I have brought you this far, aided by grace, now is the time to rest, and rest eternal.  Until then there are steps to be trodden. Leading to where? The place of that last step is life's mystery to be entered into one step at a time and leading to a life lived one moment at a time.  Thank you God that You have allowed me to allay one of my greatest fears.

Over the years I have read these sorrow-full words of warning; how sad it would be to meet death without ever having lived.  I have reflected on those words and asked, will this happen to me? Will I allow the wish of The Rabbi Jesus to become reality for me, "I have come that you will have life, and have it to the fullest." This "having life" is not just about existing it is about daring to live.  It is about facing life on life's terms, not blinking when the going gets tough, and shopping is not the answer. It is all about being led deeper beyond the medicators so readily available, booze, drugs, sex, food, exercise, work, sports, relationship, religion etc. to the well of everlasting strength which lies undisturbed where?  This life-giving gift is awaiting us in the last place so many of us would ever dare look for such an awe-full gift right inside of us.  Life then "is a daring adventure." "An adventure" which entails seeking and searching for "the pearl of great price," our own personal "Holy Grail." What an epic story is ours to live and write about.
In the seeking and searching I have journeyed through dark, dark, valleys, rugged hills and barren parched deserts. (My many, many visits to Calvary leads to a greater emptying out and a deepening crying out, "My God, My God why have you abandoned me.") That prayer of desperation and abandonment really works!!!)  I have been guided to lush mountain meadows carpeted with blazing colors of those oh so shy flowers.  The crackling silence is disturbed only by the joy-full sound of the merry brook as it murmurs it's song of praise of The Master Painter-Gardner.  Resurrection becomes a lived reality.

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