Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Paschal death is not terminal! Part 3

Do we always respond to that call? Do we even believe in our dignity as always being the co-creators and co-perfecter of all of creation?  Do we believe that in each and every moment there is a voice whispering deep within us, "you are My beloved daughter/son in you I am well pleased?" Right now no matter where we are; no matter how messed up we are, those words are directed to us.  As a matter of fact, the more messed up we are the better chance The Mercy-full Gracious Lover has with us. "God seems to do His best work with habitual sinners" (My favorite quote from The Cloud of Unknowing) Left to ourselves we could not even imagine that awe-full truth.  This is not the way our world works.  We have to earn, deserve, qualify for whatever this world imparts to us. "There are no free lunches" right? WRONG!!!WRONG!!! and WRONG again!!! In The Kingdom of God everything is free, the very best of everything is given without cost.  Many have difficulty with the generosity of our Gracious Lover and want to limit the graciousness.  Anyone who does this is preaching a false gospel about a false god. Yet so many worship at the altars of false gods.  These false gods are the creation of the false self which is part and parcel of being born a human being.  We are not born with this false self.  We create that false self to fit in, survive the exposure to the limitations of humanity. The false self is necessary for our survival at the beginning.  Then as we mature spiritually the true self emerges to replace the false self.  Is this a peace-full process? Of course not?  It is a war.  A war that is not fought, year by year, but moment to moment. We take little bites from the apple of life.  We are not alone in this spiritual warfare,  Thank You Gracious God!!!

That is why The Holy Spirit is gifted to us."To remind us" of the Good News revealed in the mission and ministry of Jesus, The Christ.  His ministry was counter cultural. He challenged the "accepted secular truths and religious practices" of His day in time.  History teaches us of the price He paid to bring a new and more freeing message of hope to those who needed it the most.

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