Monday, June 17, 2024

" It's Summer time, and the living is easy", great words from Porgy and Bess. It is Summertime and for many millions of people the living is far from easy. It is about survival.   These coming days, weeks and months we will be forced to face  the life and death struggles  of the millions, who  are living, etching out and existence  on or below the poverty. There are the old forgotten ones who will die silently, and alone. What carnage will be wroth on the birds, animals and live stock because of the lack of water. The struggles as seen in the living, in the other world can be seen as the  harsh paradigm of what is happening  in our inner world. This can be very uncomfortable  for those of us who are never exposed to the harsh realities faced by the community who cohabits our common home. A home, I am sad to say is becoming less and less a, comfortable home.  We are being challenged, as never before, to awaken to the harsh reality,  that our inner and outer worlds, need immediate attention. Attention to stave off the sixth annihilation which so many in the science community see happening, right now.

     Memorial Day reminds us, of this fact of life, freedom, is not free. Freedom does not provide the actuality whereby  we are freed of any and all responsibility.  We, with the Creative Spirit of Love are the joint gardeners of the inner and outer, the physical and spiritual creation. There is NO inner and outer creations. there is only, one, creation. A  creation we are struggling to understand. I have had to struggle with this challenging reality over a number of decades. This  struggle is become more intense as I face the stark reality, I am not as young as I used to be. My physical prowess and  athletic abilities are slowly ebbing aware. My awarenesses of the spiritual realities are coming to the surface. What "has been hidden is now being revealed", ever so slowly. Old age has its blessings,  and responsibilities. Do I dare say, "every blessing is a curse, and every curse is a blessing." Thank you Fr. Rohr, O.F.M. for this kernel of wisdom.  These words are  very poor vehicles when it comes for the transportation  of  essential ideas. Those revealed and the daunting number of those hidden and are yet to be revealed. 

    We must not be like the ostrich who keeps hid head hidden in the sand. We must bravely face the Light, and following its unique  invitation to " cast into the deep" and from the depths wondrous emerge. What we are blessed with, must NEVER be seen as something for our private,  individual  use, but always for "the common good", so St.Paul has written. " Look not backward, in anger, forward, in fear, but around in awareness." So Winston Churchill counseled the British in their darkest hour. Now how are you going to apply those words of wisdom, to the faces you are facing today. We are not alone. There is That Gentle Guiding Light ever and always, working in us, through us, and always with us. EMMANUEL is not just a Christmas  word, Its Power resonates throughout It's creation, of which we have been chosen to be  active respondents to the challenge of being "co-creators and co-perfectors" of the emerging cosmos. 

         Have an honest face to face encounter with your true and real self. Give the false self a long, would that it were possible, permanent vacation. You true self, is the one who shares the reality of,  Resurrection Power. With this Power," all things are possible,..... for those who believe. As we are informed recently all that is required is the faith of a mustard seed. Starts out the smallest but ends up as large as you, I, we allow it to grow and spread it's hospitality to all sharing it's cosmic  home. My favorite petition is " I believe Lord, help my unbelief/disbelief." This bromide has gotten me to this point. How I do not know. The miracle of grace is very difficult to comprehend. So, "Life  is NOT a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived." Mystery, in infinite wisdom, has chosen both you and I". My part is done, so that leaves .......?????? 

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