Monday, May 20, 2024

 It has been awhile ?  They say " absence makes the heart grow fonder." Then one day, a teen of my acquaintance, added this bit of reality, " absence, makes the heart wander !!!!!" Now I live in the reality that, it is not about either/or, it is always about the both/and.' We are challenged to live out our given bodily existence living in the BOTH/AND. The Generous Spirit strengthens us to live in our reality, whatever it may be. The spiritual journey is always a challenge, it is hard work, but we have been chosen for the journey, and we never , "walk alone." ( This will have deep significance for Liverpool F.C. fans). That was a great , 'send off", they gave their present coach. That was a deep spiritual experience for many, many fans. This has been born out of their pain. How, awe-full, and wonder-full, it is to see and hear. 'Heart speaks to heart amidst the roar of the waves".

                   There is a very special person who reads this effort. Luke has created a very special creation, and has named it Lucinda. A creation that has touched the deep recesses of his heart. He now wonders whether this will be in his reality, in the Resurrection of the dead ? Luke, many years ago I heard a famous preacher say, about dogs, " if you need a dog to be blissfully happy in your Resurrected life then you will have it." So consequently if your Resurrection experience is not complete without your Lucinda, you will have it. Luke congratulations on using your talents to add to the beauty of creation. When you draw, paint, you are adding your unique contribution to the perfection of creation. For this you were born and in the continuation of your art Luke you will be fulfilling the purpose for which you have been created. You have been part of The Creator Father's plan from the beginning of time. When you were born, you came from The Infinite Loving Womb, and in your birthing the eternal met time. You have been living as " an eternal spiritual being, who lives now immersed in the human condition." When you paint you are allowing the Creative Spirit, The Holy Spirit to work through you for the betterment of ALL CREATION. I pray you will allow The Spirit of Pentecost to work freely through you. All your art work is sacramental for those who are privileged to view it. That means when you and others view that piece of art, as it is with all art, you are drawn out of yourself and into the realm of The Spirit. Luke continue your sacramental presence, and may The Gracious Creative Spirit inspire you to continue your unique contribution to the perfection of our creation. Luke you will be fulfilling what The Second Vatican Council's vision for you, " To be a co-creator an a co-perfector of ALL of creation. Spaceship earth is blessed with your unique presence. Luke you pray for old grandpa Joe. You are blessed with a special connection to The Power of Love Who moves both "heaven and earth." You are the beloved. Live your life as such. 

                The Season of Eater ended with the celebration of Pentecost Sunday. The day that is called " The Birthday Of the Church." On Pentecost The Spirit became united to the body, and we then had The Church, the living, contemporary reality of, The Risen Christ. What was, up to The Manifestation Of The Spirit, a bunch of frightened individuals, has been transformed into a living reality, offering eternal life to those who were open to their message. Those that preached on That First Pentecost, in many cases, did not know what they were saying.All they were able to do was share that which what was in their depths, and was bubbling up to consciousness. Without fear they spoke their truth, too hearts and ears aching for life giving words. The light of The Flames shone through, and a new creation came into existence. That is an essential part of our heritage, our story. In our story we continue the work of evangelization. Carrying the eternal, life giving message to a world that is facing the horrific death resulting residue,  of war. " We are individually chosen to be life givers, not death dealers". Every moment we make that choice, either consciously, or unconsciously. We never exist outside that reality. Our present cosmos desperately  needs those who will allow the power of " love, joy,peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control " which they have been blessed with to surface and explode on the world as we know it. Then there will be a transformation of this exhausted cosmos into a reality through which The Risen Christ, The Cosmic Christ can be the life giving, life enhancing source of a Power that also transfigures.

              I was privileged to be the main celebrant of The Funeral Liturgies of my mom and dad. this time it is different. I am unable to travel. So I am facing a different  set of circumstances. This reality is new to me, and I do not have any road map to follow. So it is one step at a time, enable to be able to live one moment at a time. That moment is called the sacramental now. " Now, is the acceptable time, now is the time of salvation." This moment is as full of the help of our Gracious Prodigal Creator as I need. My needs are always met. It is my unending greed that messes everything up. Love prayers and blessing from this wounded, wandering, wanderer. He is, and ever will be  a " spiritual being, who is so immersed in the human condition " while navigating the uncertain seas. " I believe, help my disbelief", " I can't, we must."


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