Tuesday, January 23, 2024

 The seasons of Advent-Christmas-Epiphany are fading into the mist of time past. That is true if we are just judging according to cronos time, watch, calendar and internet time . Our reality, our deepest reality cannot be found in man made measurements. We  have to journey into Kairos time to live free and truly human life giving lives. The realities, the deepest realities of the above seasons are alive in all their mysterious transforming presences in every moment we live. Now are  you prepared to add The Paschal Mystery to the  hidden life being lived right now ?  That is too much mystery, too much of the unknown for our false selves. It is NOT too much for our true selves, because our journey into what we think is the unknown, is our trues destiny. Meister Echart has this challenging quote; "This is where we know You, in the wonder of unknowing, In the beauty of being, in the presence of becoming". " We journey to Him/Her we do not know  by a path we do not know" John of the Cross wrote that, and I added Her.

  Looking at, reflecting on the crib within we again meet The Christ child. How is alive to you, and speaking to you ? That is why He came to reveal the wonder of who each one of is,and who we are as a collective whole. Paul teaches us that we are the Body of Christ. That is both our innate sacred dignity ,and the underlying challenge that must be met, if we are to fulfill our call to be life givers, not death dealers, in imitation of the Christ Child. Here I am falling back on Henri Nouwen to speak in simple language what it mens to live a life energized,vitalized when this Vulnerable Baby as its center.

I think we have hardly thought trough the immense implications of the mystery of The Incarnation. Where is God ? God is where we are weak, vulnerable,small and dependent. god is where the poor are, the hungry, the handicapped, the mentally ill, the elderly, the powerless. How can we know God when our focus is elsewhere, on success, influence and power? I increasingly believe that our faithfulness will depend on our willingness to go where there is brokenness,loniness, and human need..... each on if us is very seriously searching to live and grow in this belief, and by friendship we can support each other . I realize that the only way for us to stay well in the midst of  the many "worlds" is to stay close to the small vulnerable Child that lives in our hearts and in every other human being. Often we do not know that the Christ Child is within us.

There is so much to be unwrapped in the above quote. We each have to make our won journeys of discovery. Beginning with the sacredness of your own sacramentality how challenging do I/we find this?The voice, voices from the crib are not in the past, but alive and well in the here and now. May The Gracious Spirit guide you to what is essential for you, and your call. The Creator God is now sharing His life through your authentic life. A life that is slowly being revealed to us, so others can look at you and now they can believe.  Love, prayers, and blessings. Great grandpa Joe.

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