Friday, May 31, 2019

Paschal death is not terminal!

There is an awakening taking place right before our eyes."Lord that I might see," must be our constant prayer as we are exposed anew to the journey from death to new life.  What we are privileged to see in nature we are challenged to see and accept the same reality within ourselves, ever and always.  Before us is once again presented not only for our inspection but for our reflection.  Here goes the wonderings of a wounded wanderer!!!

From the depths of the deaths we trudge through, we are always comforted with the hidden message of hope.  This message is very shy, hidden and has to be sought out using the gracious gift of faith.  Entering into and being immersed in the grieving process makes it very difficult for most humans.  Our encounter with death ,especially a sudden encounter leaves us very "scattered." We are unable to think straight.  Everything seems to be out of focus.  The funeral celebration allows us the unique opportunity to focus on not on the stark reality of death, but on the compassionate strengthening Reality which is both hidden and revealed in these moments of both grief and pain-full loss. These are sacramental moments.  Moments are charged, as few moments are with Mystery.  These moments offer a great challenge.  We are challenged to seek out and encounter reality on one of its' deepest and most pain-full levels.  As it has been written each and every encounter with deeper reality is our encounter with The Reality Itself God, Higher Power.  The funeral prayers are full of the message of hope, so we will not be caught up in hope-less-ness.  That is not where we belong. We are called to leave behind our hope-less-ness and slowly embrace a new reality.  A joyous hope-filled faith filled everyday life.  We, as the beloved daughter/son are called to life not mere existence.  These words from a great oldie comes to mind," I want to live not merely survive."  God's wish is I want you to have life and have it to the fullest.  Paschal deaths are the thresholds over which we step so, as to gradually live into the fullness of God's dream and desire for us.  That is God's aisling(Gaelic),  God's dream for all His creation.  That is why I started this blog to encourage those who read it not to mess up God's aisling-dream, but make a commitment to enjoy it.  We have to make that choice to live life to the fullest, consciously, again and again every moment of the day.  If not we have to face this startling quote, "We abort our souls a thousand times a day."  The antidote to that toxic practice is to claim that you are beloved. (Nouwen) I am the beloved.  I do not have to earn, deserve, qualify, deserve, buy, Love that is given without condition, restriction or reservation.  All we have to do is say a simple, Yes and surrender to The Mysterious Lover.

To be continued...

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