Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Discover.....Burden Light...

We are now in the liturgical time, we call 'Ordinary Time". Realistically speaking, there in no ordinary time. Each and every moment is extra-ordinary.
Why? Because in each and every moment is both hidden and revealed, the Sacred, The mystery we are always seeking and searching for. That which we seek is hidden within the reality I am seeing, and experiencing. There is no way of meeting the God we so desperately seek, and who desperately seeks us than in the sacred place we call the sacrament of the present moment.

There is no, "ordinary" reality. If it really real, is sacred. It is holy.
We become whole, holy, by becoming more and more aware of where we are, and WHO it is that is seeking to encounter us , where we are. Not where we would like to be, not where are supposed to be, but where we are at RIGHT NOW. We may have, and do have difficulty with where we are at, and what is happening, our gracious God does not. That is why we have a great opening prayer for this time we call, Ordinary. We will pray, or have prayed;

"Let us pray, to be faithful to the light we have received, and to the name we bear. Father, let the light of your truth guide us to your kingdom through a world filled with lights contrary to your own. Christian is the name and the gospel we glory in. May YOUR love make us what you have called us to be."

"May your love make us what you have called us to be." It is both necessary, and essential, we keep before us that it is always grace, God's love, that creates in us who our God wants us to be. It is God's light that directs us on the path He invites us to walk. It is God sharing His life with us, that allows us to have life, and have it to the fullest. The life, light, and love of God is always being communicated to us there is never an, "outage" I This what we celebrate in each and every Liturgical celebration !!!! ) There was an outage this week, and 80,000 people were without power.

People suffer when the is a power failure. Thank God with our God there NEVER is a power failure. We, at times, may think this is so. That is due to our inability to see, as God sees, and to know as God nows. There are times we feel so very much alone, and uncared for, but that is not our deepest reality. We are unaware of that which is our deepest reality, in being the beloved, daughter/son.Our darkness is not darkness to God. It is in those dark moments our lenses are tweaked resulting in a new way of seeing. For God this is the opportunity to mold us, to form us in a deeper reality of His Son Jesus Christ. This reality is our destiny, or vocation. For this we were born, for this we were created. For this and no other reason.

There will be, and always will be, lights directing us to places the still unredeemed part of us wants to go to, and dwell within. This is what Paul calls "flesh" We will never be able to escape this pull, this attraction. There will always be a battle. The battle takes place in our souls each and every moment life gives us to live. The right way is not always the easy way, nor is the easy way the right way. How often I have found that to be true. As matter of fact that is a truth I still have to learn. It is so easy to get angry and say, "I am tired of having to constantly find out my best thinking will always come up short. There is always something more to everything".

The road that Jesus trod was a tough one. As it was for Him so it is for us. He had His Father with Him, for most of the time, Calvary was the exception. We in following Him will NEVER be on our own. Why, because we are locked into the same yoke that He carried, and now carries in us and with us. Yes we share the yoke of the human journey with Him who became human for this purpose. When two animals share a yoke, they have to pull together, to get the work done. The driver is there to make sure one does not the other do all the pulling.

We share the yoke with the one who entered into the fullness of our humanity, so when we can no longer honestly do our part, He will assume our share of the burden. This burden then is His until we are rested and refreshed. How will this happen? In the Gospel we have this invitation; "Come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome. and I will give you rest. (Another translation...I will refresh you) We will not be fixed, even though this is what we want. We will be refreshed by resting in Him.

Then we can return and again assume the yoke of Him who refreshed us. He will do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. No wonder we call Him, Savior God. May you persevere in the struggle until you find your place of rest and refreshment. Not in the way we want,but in the way our Gracious Father meets our every need. In this way they are not , "burdens heavy", they are "burdens light". Now to go along with "beer light", "butter light", "cheese light', "juice light" etc., now we have " BURDEN LIGHT" Wow, Jesus was so ahead of His time.

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  1. Amen! Very well put Father, I hope you enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake my wife made you for Father's day! I love this blog, may you continue to spread God's love and word!


    Erick Vega