Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blessed and Blessings....

When there is an ending in your life, there is always a new beginning for you and I. A new set of lenses are now ours because of the of the loss. I have always believed that death leads us to question the authenticity of our own existence. It makes us question that which is of real lasting value. Loss makes us reflect on the value of what cannot be seen, but only felt. Loss and feelings are a tough mix. We do not always allow ourselves the gift of grieving the loss. We never, then come to be blessed by all that we have been blessed with, because of the time spent with that which has now a new, and transformed existence. We are in the need of lenses which enables us, upon reflection, to become more and more aware of all the blessings which are now our because of the life that has now supposedly ended. Life as we now know it has no beginning, and no end.

We have come from the Eternal Life Community of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We share that eternal life, and love always and everywhere. We need people in our lives that are constant reminders of who we are as the beloved. The following is from Henri Nowen's book "Life of the Beloved" and I, find it so appropriate at this time.

"Let me first tell you what I mean by the word "blessing" In Latin, to bless is "benedicere". The word 'benediction' that is used in many churches means literally: speaking (dictio) well (bene) or saying good things of someone. That speaks to me. I need to hear good things said of me, and I know how much you have the same need. Nowadays, we often say: "We have to affirm each other". Without affirmation, it is hard to live well. To give someone a blessing is the most significant affirmation we can offer. It is more than a word of praise or appreciation; it is more than pointing out someone's talents or
good deeds; it is more than putting someone in the light. To give a blessing is to, say "yes" to a person's "Belovedness". And more than that: To give a blessing creates the reality of which it speaks. There is a lot of mutual admiration in this world, as there is a lot of mutual condemnation. A blessing goes beyond the distinction between admiration and condemnation, between virtues or vices, between good deeds or evil deeds. A blessing touches the original touches the original goodness of the other and calls forth his or her Belovedness......"

The blessing that we give to each other are expressions of the blessing that rests on us from all of eternity. It is the deepest affirmation of our true self. It is not enough to be chosen. We also need an ongoing blessing that allows to hear in an ever-new way we belong to a loving God who will never leave us alone, but will remind us always that we are guided by love on every step of our lives.....

The movement of God's Spirit is very gentle very soft --- and hidden. I does not seek attention. But that movement is also very persistent, strong and deep. It changes our hearts radically."

When was the last time you reflected on those who have blessed you?

When was the last time you blessed your children?

I can hear some say, "It is not a blessing I want to give that kid", he is that same baby you got up to feed in the middle of the night. Were you not blessed by those moments of mystery, when life’s nourishment flowed from you, to the newest manifestation on the Divine Presence? What has happened in the meantime? No matter what has happened in the family dynamic, that child is still, and will ever be the Beloved of our common Source of Being. It again goes back to the lenses we are looking through.

Have you ever asked for your child's blessing?

I wonder what would that do to the relationship? It would be a moment, of Mystery, being present, and wonder felt. Each person has the God given power to bless . In the Summer time of some laughter, peace, and quiet, why not add to these good feelings. Why not make prayers of shared blessing
an important, no, an essential part of the life you share with those God has chosen to journey with.. You are beloved, they share the same belovedness , why not celebrate, on a regular basis that which you have most in common? Let us celebrate what we have in common, rather that wasting time wishing and wanting for what is not there. God is not present in the wishing and wanting, God is only present in the realty of the, HERE and Now.

As I look back on my life, I am caught up in gratitude for all those people, places, and events, who have been a source of blessing for me. I encourage you to do the same. As you come to accept the blessings received, with that comes the belief, "how blessed I am". Now share that blessedness with those your God places in your life, and the process begins all over again. What great faith and trust our God has in us? Then on the other hand, what are we to expect from The Beloved of that self same God.

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