Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Freedom...Deeper Happiness

The opening prayer of this weekend's Mass, can be seen as the continuation of the thought of the opening prayer of last week's celebration. Last week's prayer was an expression in the belief, as all prayer is, "that even the tension and tragedies of sin cannot frustrate the loving plans of our Father God". (We must always remember our God ONLY has loving plans for you and I. Because of the nature of God, because of who He is, it cannot be otherwise). This week, that thought is taken further. This week we express our belief in the fact that the love our Father God offers to us always, that is ALWAYS, exceeds the furthest expression of our human longing. Why is this so?

Because our God IS greater than our human heart. Yes, that is a fact, a reality, we must always keep before us, and never lose sight of. Easy to say, but so hard to do. Whatever we think, whatever we say, whatever we feel, even whatever we know, is NOT God. God is always more.

"Direct each thought, each effort of our lives.." This is where the Holy Spirit comes in. The Holy Spirit will give us the strength, the guidance, to make good decisions, to do good deeds, but will not do the action for us. God's love for us is so great we are always free to say yes or to say no. God is...


Yet we are always free to respond, with or "yes" or "no", otherwise we are not human. We then will have to do the footwork, we will have to put forth the effort, but in the long run we want God to be God. We will have to surrender to the good orderly direction, and so become who Our God has chosen us to be from all of eternity, the co-creators ,and co-perfectors of His creation. What a dignity has been bestowed on us. In order to fulfill our vocation we will have to make good healthy decisions, for ourselves first, so we can have healthy relationships with those who share our journey. Last, but in no way least, we must have a healthy respect and reverence for the creation we are privileged to be the guests of. That is right, "we have not here a lasting city", this is our temporary home. Just because it our temporary home, this does not afford us the right to trash, use, and abuse it. WE must keep before us this is going to be the dwelling place of our Beloved sisters and brothers, yet to be born. In spite of our best efforts, and our best intentions we come up short again, and again. You and I will be found wanting. Around the 30 year mark we have to face some difficult home truths. We are not the best at anything. To make matters worse, all of our plans have either come up short, or have not worked at all. That is GREAT, (spiritually speaking) because we are forced to accept ourselves as regular human beings, and in doing so, discover for ourselves a Savior. A Savior who was ever and always present, but never called on, or welcomed into our daily living. That has to change.

The change begins, in our 30s. It is then we wake up to the fact our plans have not worked out the way we expected them to work out. We can become angry and resentful, as the result of our expectations. They are after all just PLANNED resentments. Is that the only choice we have ? Thank God it is not. We have another choice to make. This choice, I have to warn you, is not made without a great deal of struggle. That is why this choice is the result of grace, not human effort. Through the journey of the 30s we are GENTLY lead, to the realization we are after all, what God intended us to be, wait for it, spiritual beings having a human experience. We will slowly come to this acceptance, and so be lead to a new and deeper freedom, enjoying a level of happiness we never thought was possible. God's way is definitely, not our way, and our way is not His way until there is that great change of heart, we call conversion. Conversion is, a new way of looking at the same reality. Our new vision comes to us through the lens of God's love, revealed to us through the life, mission, and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Incarnation of God's love, within the human condition. He has come to set the captive in each one of us free. This will not happen without our help, permission and

Here are the questions we all need to face:

What is the part of us we have placed in prison?
What is the part, you and I are punishing?
What is the part that is hidden away in the prison of guilt, and shame?
It is to that part of us, to that person in each one of us, to that place in each one of us that the Jesus Christ, of Luke's Gospel, is speaking to this weekend. Not only this weekend, but each and any every moment we, as spiritual beings continue on our journey within the human condition.

Next week will be a continuation of the reflection on the prayer, as we deal with so called human faults, and weaknesses.

"In my deepest wounds, I see your glory and it dazzles me." St. Augustine.

A dreamer's journey continues.......

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  1. Your sermon this sunday was literally the most wonderful and uplifting sermon I have ever heard. Absolutely beautiful! I feel closer to God and more comfortable with myself