Saturday, November 28, 2009


Christ has come,
Christ will come,
Christ IS coming,
Again, Again, and Again.....
Hidden and yet revealed

In each and every moment of, We call, THE ETERNAL NOW.

This is, to my present way of thinking, is a good lens through which to look at, and contemplate, the days and weeks ahead. I find it difficult to believe this will be my 70th Advent Season, and my 47th season, as a priest. This year, like every other year, the question will arise, what can be said this year, that was said so many times before? What are the new thoughts on eternal themes, breaking through, to throw new light on familiar stories? Where will this Season of Advent/Christmas/ Epiphany lead me to? Will I be led to places I have never visited, meet people I have met, but never encountered? To be faithful to the journey, all of this will be my lot, always leading to more.

Looking at Advent/Christmas/Epiphany as ONE celebration is a great beginning.

During Advent time we have , feelings of expectation, anticipation, longing,
and preparation.
During Christmas time, we have the celebration of the Mystery,
During Epiphany time, we will lead us ever deeper, in the why of the

This season is all about watching, listening, "being alert", to what is happening all around us. By keeping ourselves focused on this time, we may come to the realization, surprise, surprise, this CAN be my experience, because it IS my experience each and every moment of every day. There is that song which asks the question, Why can’t every day be like Christmas Day?, the answer is plainly, every day IS Christmas day. (Every day is Thanksgiving, as it is also Good Friday, Easter Sunday etc.....) Whether it is Christmas Day or not will rely solely on how we see, look, view, the reality of the life we are given that day, to live. Advent/Christmas/Epiphany Season is a reality we encounter each and every day. It is only at this time do we place it under a microscope, so we can be again be amazed and transformed. It is a season of great waves on the west coast, a paradigm for the waves of grace tumbling and crashing on the shores of our souls.

For this to happen we must have , to my way of thinking, a certain attitude towards this time, and extended season. We must develop the HOW.

H..........humility and humanity
O..........openness to offering

I hope and pray that this season will be a season of peace, joy, and love. We need to pray for one another that we have the honesty to be greeters of all that we really are, and so make the Incarnation, not a word on a page, but a lived experience. Look closely at the scriptures and there you will see our God, accomplishing wonder results with the most unlikely people, in hopeless situations.

"How can I keep from singing" "Do not despise the day of small things." Zech 4:10.

The wondering wanderer.

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