Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nature's Gift

There is a great peace, a great quiet, in nature, in the wilderness. You do not meet too many couples fighting or having arguments as they hike along [the only fight sometimes is between me and myself]. There is a great healing gift offered to us by nature. I remember a number of years ago starting out on my vacation, I was not doing too well. I was not in a good place. My entire vacation was spent with nature. I was in the woods, lakes, mountains and of course on the seashore. That vacation was not an easy one to endure. I was not looking forward to returning to the challenges of everyday living. When I returned from my vacation I was surprised, even shocked, to find out that there was a new attitude, a new energy, a new enthusiasm for life and for work. When was this gift given? I do not know. All I know is when I returned there was a difference. Later, I read in a John O’Donohue “nature heals you by itself”. Nature brings out, but only over time, that essential goodness deep within each one of us. This essential goodness is just waiting to be experienced and so be released to enhance the goodness of all of creation.

I further noticed over the years, I noticed the following: when on my vacation I to face difficulties and challenges with myself, the better I was able to handle the challenges when I returned to that life we call "normal". I have never how this happens, but I have also met other people who have had the same experience.

Ever watch couples, families, groups being caught up in the viewing of an ocean sunset? As the sun slowly slides beneath the horizon of our world and our vision it is telling us another day is ending. When people are in the presence of an ending, whatever it may be, somehow they move a little closer. Arms are extended. Couples are joined and children huddle a little closer to their parents. Arms entwined, people encircled in a very reverential silence. Each one is somehow left alone to be with who they really are at that moment. There is a special moment. A moment of silent awe, a moment of silent wonder. Hence, it is indeed a moment of grace. We are praying?

A dreamer's journey continues....

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