Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lent 2009

This is your first Lent and it is my first Lent. We as we are right now have never been through a Lenten Season. We as we are right now will journey with Jesus through the desert experience and because of this journey part of us chosen by God will be radically changed, transformed and transfigured. We may be reticent, reluctant or putting it bluntly, being down right afraid to enter into the desert. It is a scary place to journey into. Jesus Christ is the head and we are His body. Wherever he has gone, we are bound to follow, wherever we end up, Jesus is waiting there to greet us. We can almost hear Him say, "What has taken you so long, I have been waiting here for you". Will we ever be surprised at the places we end up and there we are greeted by the laughing, caring and gentle person and presence of Jesus Christ.

Next week, I will reflect more on Jesus' journey into the desert where He was with the wild beasts, but the Angels came and ministered to Him. We will face the wild beasts of guilt, fear and shame, which I now like to call the "toxic-trinity" and see in this encounter the place of conversion. Conversion meaning turning around and going in the opposite direction. Conversion is also described as turning around and looking for happiness in a different place. Scripture scholars describe the desert for Moses and the chosen people as a place of purification and courtship. We must always keep before us whenever we encounter the toxic-trinity we have the Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit present in us, through us and with us. The Holy Trinity imparts to us their light, life and love. As the antidote to guilt, fear and shame. It is going to be an exciting Lent.